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A Simple Solution for a Genuine Smile

Tru-Smile Clear Aligners are fabricated out of Zendura, a biocompatible thermoplastic. These aligners are virtually invisible, durable, and comfortable. All aligners are expertly designed and created to ensure their precision and durability. Unlike traditional braces which can cause soreness and irritation to the inside of a patient’s mouth, clear aligners have smooth surfaces.

Get Started

Simply download a pre-submission Rx form and include it with your traditional or digital impression. After we receive your case, we will provide you with an approval form that details the treatment level and plan for your patient. After you approve the plan, we will send you the total amount of aligners needed to fulfill the treatment plan and you can provide your patient with aligners throughout their alignment process.

Pre-Submission Rx Form
Placing Attachments Guide


Minimal Chair Time
High ROI
Esthetic & Convenient
FDA-Approved with 510k Clearance
Best Materials and Equipment

Patient-Specific Treatment Plans

Level 1
Limited 6
Utilizes a maximum of six sets of aligners. Indicated for patients who require minimal alignment.

Level 2
Limited 12
Utilizes a maximum of 12 sets of aligners. Indicated for patients who require moderate alignment.

Level 3
Utilizes a minimum of 13 sets of aligners. Indicated for patients who require advanced alignment.