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Fracture and Abrasion Resistant

The superior material properties of this printable resin combine the effectiveness of a hard splint with the comfort and flexibility of a soft splint for a final product with unparalleled detail and precision that is not brittle and has high stain and abrasion resistance.

Indicated for mouthguards, nightguards, splints, and repositioners, this resin is designed exclusively for the Carbon platform for efficient, high-quality, high-speed splint production and allows labs to produce up to 6x more splints than traditional production while increasing profit per unit up to 75%.

Keystone Industries’ KeySplint Soft Clear is a unique 3D printing resin for manufacturing dental splints and night guards in the advanced Carbon M-Series printers using breakthrough Carbon DLS™ technology.  The printed splints are strong, yet flexible for patient comfort, and are not brittle.

KeySplint Soft Clear is biocompatible and fully compliant with international medical device regulations and standards.  The robust water-clear formulation guarantees three years of shelf life, is color stable, and is resistant to fractures, abrasion and staining.