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Nickel and Beryllium Free

Vitallium Cast Partial

Derby’s Premium Cast Partials are fabricated with Dentsply Vitallium alloy that possesses the mechanical properties necessary for thinner framework designs. Derby’s Premium Cast Partial frameworks allow the retentive clasp arm to be adjusted without fear of fracture.

• More precise fit
• Lighter weight
• Nickel & Beryllium free
• Easily adjustable, yet high tensile strength

Neoloy N Cast Partial

Derby’s Economy Cast Partials are fabricated with Dentsply Neoloy N alloy providing a strong biocompatable framework.

Additional Components

• Nesbit – For one or two tooth replacement in a single quadrant.
• Cast Metal Facing or Backing (flat back)
• Metal Onlay
• D.E. Hinge
• Attachment Partial – Crown retained partial
• Repair Components
• Cast Clasp, Strengthener or Saddle Retention
• Cast Rest
• One Tooth Retention